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Subscribe and save is a monthly subscription. Get a new pair delivered to your door every month and save up to 23% off.
Get a fresh new pair of Woxer delivered monthly right to your doorstep. With this subscription plan get 23% off all available styles and colors in the entire store!
Subscriptions are only available in the United States.
Your subscription renews every month!
With a monthly subscription you get 23% off the entire store!
You can choose from any style and color available on the entire store.
Yes, you can add more than one item to your monthly subscription.
Yes, you can swap, skip or cancel your subscription at any given moment. You can do this by choosing ‘manage’ below your monthly product, then select order settings.
Yes, you can change your subscription style, color and size by logging into your account and managing your subscription.
You can cancel your subscription at any time by choosing ‘manage’ below your monthly product, then select the dropdown menu on order settings, and cancel order.
The billing cycle begins from the day you selected the first product.
With ‘ship now’ you’ll be able to receive your product ASAP before the standard billing cycle.
You’ll be able to pre-select your next pair. If you’re unable to select a pair, we’ll choose on for you 3 days before the shipping out! You’ll never get the same pair twice!
YES! You are now able to add one-time products to your monthly subscription. These extra items are not recurring and will ship out only once with your monthly order. There is no limit to one-time add ons.
you can manage your CC and address by heading to your subscription dashboard and selecting ‘Account’.