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10 Facts You Need To Know About Women's Boxers | Woxer

10 Facts You Need To Know About Women's Boxers | Woxer

Here Are 10 Facts You Should Know Before Buying Women's Boxers

Are you thinking about buying women's boxers? Perhaps your wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade and you're starting with the essentials. Or maybe you haven't bought new underwear in quite a while. Whatever the reason may be, you'll want to learn a few facts about women's boxers. For starters, boxers for women have gained more popularity in recent years because they're a lot more comfortable than traditional panties. Plus, they're a lot looser and provide more coverage. Women's boxers are great for extra warmth, avoiding panty lines, and reducing bunching in certain areas. Below, you'll learn 10 fun facts that you should know before you buy women's boxers.


1. It's highly recommended to own 20 to 35 pairs of underwear.

The majority of women own around 21 pairs of underwear, and it's recommended that one should have around 20 to 35 pairs. This is simply due to the fact that underwear requires frequent changing, sometimes several times a day depending on how often you work out and take a shower.


2. Modal fabric is a lot more breathable than cotton.

Our line of women's underwear is made of a sustainable fabric called modal. It's a lot more breathable than cotton. And it has moisture-wicking and anti-chafing properties. Our women's boxers also have five percent elastane which makes them extremely stretchy and comfortable.


3. Bloomers are the earliest form of women's boxers.

The earliest form of women's boxers were baggy underpants known as "knickers" or "bloomers." These were incredibly popular from the 1910s to the 1930s.


4. Women's boxers with moisture-wicking fabric can help avoid skin irritation.

Moisture can cause skin irritation and even attract bacteria. It's important to wear fabric that wicks moisture and isn't too tight in order to prevent rashes or other issues. Avoid synthetic fabrics that aren't breathable, especially since you'll be wearing them around sensitive areas. Some waistbands even cause contact dermatitis or other skin conditions. It's important to choose the right underwear to avoid issues.


5. Most issues with underwear can be solved by wearing a different size.

You've probably heard of the statistic about how most women are wearing the wrong bra size. The same can be said when it comes to issues with underwear. If there's excessive bunching, then you may just need to size down. When you find your underwear riding up, then you might want to size up. Of course, it also depends on the style of underwear.


6. Underwear with fewer seams is the most comfortable solution for your skin.

The best part about seamless underwear is the fact that it doesn't cause any irritation or feel too tight. Woxer boxers for women have seamless backs and sides to ensure the most comfortable fit all day, every day. It's so comfortable that you'll forget you're even wearing underwear. Plus, the soft fabric makes it a great choice no matter what you're planning to do for the day.


7. Boxers that are too tight can cause acid reflux or poor blood circulation.

When you wear underwear that is too tight, it can cause a multitude of issues. For example, your thighs might experience poor blood circulation if the fabric is too constricting. Or you could experience acid reflux if the waistband is too tight. That's why we pride ourselves on our stay-put waistband and roomy inseams that allow for a comfortable fit around the legs.


8. You can prevent chafing simply by choosing the right women's boxers.

If you're having issues with chafing, then you may just need to find the right underwear that prevents you from experiencing these issues. For example, the Biker underwear from our line of women's boxers has a nine-inch inseam that prevents your thighs from rubbing together and causing discomfort.


9. It's best to avoid washing underwear in harsh chemicals.

It's important to avoid washing your underwear in harsh chemicals simply because you'll be wearing them around sensitive areas. Some detergents, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners have toxic chemicals. These can be harmful to the body, so it's important to choose non-toxic varieties.


10. Underwear has a shelf life.

While women's underwear doesn't come with an expiration date, it's important to replace your underwear when the elastic starts to get loose or when there's breakage or holes. If you haven't replaced your underwear in years and they're no longer fitting right, you'll want to start browsing for your next few pairs.


At Woxer, we've created a line of boxers for women that are made to empower people of all genders. Raise your current standards for underwear with a lightweight, breathable pair of women's boxers from Woxer.

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