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Earth Month and COVID-19: Is the World Truly Healing?

Earth Month and COVID-19: Is the World Truly Healing?

Earth Day has passed and this year it has special significance. As countries all around the world react to COVID-19 and the devastation it causes, it appears that the world is also quietly healing. Woxer acknowledges the tragedies caused by the loss of life, loss of jobs, and loss of good health experienced by thousands around the world, but we wanted to also pay respect to the positives. So, in honor of Earth Month, here is how the earth is healing despite the ravages of COVID-19.


Less Pollution

The natural consequence of lockdowns means less traffic, less factories operating, and therefore much less pollution. National Geographic notes that before COVID-19, pollution-related ailments killed seven million per year. Now, with the world standing still, pollution is lifting – visibly.


In India some people are actually seeing the Himalayas for the first time. During the first day of lockdown in Delhi, there was a shocking 44 percent drop in PM10 (airborne particulates), and the air continued to get cleaner during the following days.Carbon emissions in China dropped an estimated 18 percent between February and mid-March. Air pollution in Philadelphia has hit new lows.


Air pollution compromises respiratory function – compromises that could be deadly for those infected. Lower emissions and cleaner air around the world help us all breathe easier.


Cleaner Water

Italy’s famous canals are usually full of boats and people, but with the lockdown, these days it’s full of swans and wildlife. The absence of traffic on the canal has let the sediment settle to the bottom, leaving beautiful clear water.


As cities around the world close their gathering spaces, beaches are emptier than normal. This also means plastic soda bottles, lunch wrappers, etc. that normally wind up in the water are also on hiatus for now.


Healthier Humans

Many people are taking this time to work on their cooking skills while they remain indoors. People are focusing on re-connecting with family and friends, eating out less, buying less, and sleeping more. Yes, some of that is enforced due to lockdowns, but those actions create healthier habits that can be sustained long-term – habits that play a role in reducing our consumption (fast food, consumerism, etc.), which further reduces the burden we place on the earth.


Woxer Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is one of Woxer’s favorite days. From day one of operations, wehave focused on sustainability. This is why our product is made from modal.


Modal is sustainably harvested from softwood trees, making it a truly vegan, natural, fiber. Since it is a natural product, modal is also compostable and biodegradable – but it’s also super durable! You will enjoy many years of wear from your Commando, Baller, or Stud Woxer. If you actually manage to wear out a pair over the years, it will biodegrade naturally and return to the earth.


It is important to us that everyone in our supply chain, from harvesting the modal to manufacturing our garments, works with the utmost respect for ethical working conditions and environmentally friendly practices. Woxer respects the earth and the people that inhabit it.


We are all working together to get through the pandemic. Let’s also take this time to think about how we can help the earth continue to heal when we come out of lockdown, and the steps we can take to be healthier, happier, humans.


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