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I AM SPOTLIGHT: Brittney Griner

I AM SPOTLIGHT: Brittney Griner


Brittney is a professional basketball player in the WNBA, currently playing for the Phoenix Mercury. She uses her talent and admirable passion for basketball to inspire young black girls and represent them in the media.

As a black lesbian woman, Brittney continues breaking down barriers and showing the world what she’s capable of.



How do you inspire and empower people?

I inspire people by being true to myself! I live my life the way I want in the ways that I act, how I dress, and who I date (and eventually married) my beautiful wife, Cherelle.


We all have our shortcomings. What are yours and what do you do about them?

At times, I still battle with wanting to fit in. Though not very often, I still sometimes wonder what people will think or say in certain situations. I end up doing whatever it is that I want to do, but it’s a situation I want to dismiss from my life. I act on it by talking with my wife and friends and they help me realize what I already know: ultimately, whatever someone will think or say about me doesn’t define me.


Brittney wears Woxer in Rose


What empowers you?

Being a black lesbian woman empowers me! As a woman, we are told that we can’t or shouldn’t be certain roles—that we don’t deserve equal pay or a man can do it better! Ha, yeah right. Seeing fellow women accomplish tasks that men can do and break down the barriers, it empowers me to the fullest.


What inspires you to accomplish things that you want to achieve through your platform?

This is easy! I do what I do for the youth! When I was young, I had no one that looked and sounded like I did. I felt so alone. I’m doing this to give those little girls someone they can look up to, and see me and believe in themselves!



Brittney with wife, Cherelle. Credit: Brittney's Instagram


What is your favorite Woxer?

Commando are my favorite. They’re longer, feel so damn soft and good on my skin!



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