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I AM SPOTLIGHT: Erin Phillips

I AM SPOTLIGHT: Erin Phillips


Today, Erin continues to empower the LGBT community by creating positive, fun, and creative content through different social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

As a student and social media influencer, in what ways do you inspire people?
I inspire people by listening to their problemsI'm the kind of person that gives advice and helps people out with difficult situations.

We all have our shortcomings. What's yours and what do you like to do about it?
Something I struggle with a lot is patience, a quality I've never been good at. I definitely want to try and work on this quality as it's very important in my line of work.

Erin wears Woxer Holiday Green

What empowers you?
My mother empowers me. She has had a heart condition since she was born. She has a pacemaker and wasn't supposed to give birth to a child. She's a strong and powerful woman who has won many advertisement/marketing awards. My mom shows me that I can be just like her.

What 'I AM' short story can you share as an inspiration to others?
There's a couple little stories that all go into the same category. Almost every day I go to school, a student would ask me if I'm a boy or girl. There was one encounter, I was heading into the girls' bathroom and overheard a couple boys saying "That's a guy? Why is he going in the girls' bathroom?" I don't stand down, I defend myself. So, I said "Yes, I'm a girl, thank you." Basically, I'm not hurt if people assume my gender. I usually ignore it because I know who I AM, and I AM ERIN.

Lastly, what is your favorite Woxer?
I actually like the new "I AM" line. I love beige and that slate grey blue. I am a huge fan of the Baller style because I like to wear my Woxers without pants on around the house, and they look like long shorts to me. It's literally the comfiest boxers I've ever worn.



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