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I AM SPOTLIGHT: Kendall Vedder and Hannah Thompson

I AM SPOTLIGHT: Kendall Vedder and Hannah Thompson


Kendall and Hannah are big inspirations to the LGBT community. They are a lesbian couple who use Instagram as an outlet to express themselves and empower women. Through their stories and experiences as a couple, they strive to make a difference by supporting other women and give voice to the truth that women are people whose thoughts, values, and relationships are just as valid as men's. Today, Kendall and Hannah continue to inspire other people as they proudly show their love to the whole world.



What’s an empowering quality in yourself that you’re proud of?

Kendall: I love the way I love. I love wholeheartedly, no questions asked.

Hannah: I really love my sense of humor and my ability to empathize.


We all have our shortcomings. What are yours and what do you like to do about it?

Kendall: I want to improve my ability to live in the moment. There are so many times when the world around us gets the best of us and we fail to realize what is in front of us in that exact moment. Clear your head and your soul and just live. That’s something that I need to focus on more often.

Hannah: I would like to improve how I view my body. I have always had a larger lower half than the other women I compare myself to. I know that a lot of women struggle with comparing themselves to others, and I want to change my views so that I can help them love every part of themselves.


Hannah (left) wears Baller I AM 2, Kendall (right) wears Baller Navy


What empowers you?

Kendall: It empowers me to know my worth, in all shapes and sizes. When you finally grasp and understand it, you will truly feel empowered. By knowing what you bring to the table—whether it be in your work life, relationships, or just battling the voice inside your head—it gives you a sense of value and strength. Being confident in my worth empowers me daily.

Hannah: Community empowers me. I’m constantly amazed by how strong people are when they come together. Joining the LGBTQ+ community has shifted my view on life drastically. I have never felt so accepted, so appreciated, and so much like myself. I’m able to say what I want without judgment while having a badass community that has my back. It just shows that we are never really alone.


What inspires you to accomplish things that you want to achieve through your platform?

We started our Instagram account as an outlet to express ourselves. The first year and a half of our relationship was hidden from some of our friends and family because we were unsure of how to cope with any backlash; luckily, we didn’t receive any. We wanted to show our love openly and without permission from our peers. We wanted to show other people who may be in the same situation that living your truth leads to so much happiness!




Tell us about an experience you both share that you found empowering

Hannah: Recently, Kendall and I went out to a bar with one of our college friends. We were all having a great night! We were minding our business when a young man came up to us and asked to buy us a drink. We politely declined multiple times. He kept pushing and asked our friend what she was drinking to which she answered, “Moscow Mule”. He rushed to the bar and asked the bartender for two mules. We meticulously watched the bartender make the drinks, hand them over to the stranger, and the stranger bring them to us. Nothing suspicious. He handed us the drinks. We said “thank you” and he went on his way, stumbling back to the bar to sit down. We didn’t think anything of the encounter other than drunk people are just too nice.

A few minutes later, we were approached by a different young guy. He started talking about how his friend got dumped a few days ago and how he was really lonely. He pointed over to the first guy who bought us a drink, hunched over at the bar with his head in his arms. We looked back at the guy in front of us and said, “Sorry, we can’t help. We are together.” (We said as we gestured towards each other). The guy looked at us for a second and said, “Even better! He is just really lonely and needs a girl to cheer him up.” We began fuming. This guy has the audacity to come up and sexualize us, brush off our relationship like it was nothing. Kendall looked him dead in the face and pointed at a young heterosexual couple sitting a couple of tables ahead of us, “You wouldn’t walk up and ask that girl to come ‘comfort’ your friend right in front of her boyfriend, would you?” He looked around awkwardly and said, “Uh… yeah sure.” We told him to go and ask her then to which this guy literally responded, “Well, I can’t. It’s different, you know?” No. I don’t know. Without completely flipping my sh*t, I let him know that just because we are two girls, it does not make our relationship any less valid. We are a regular couple just like anyone else, and we are not interested.

We chose this incident because it is so important for us as women to stand up for ourselves. We could’ve just walked away and chose to ignore the whole incident but who would that be helping? He needed to understand that sexualizing women is not okay. Will this event change his views on how he treats women? Maybe it didn’t. But hopefully, it did.




Lastly, what is your favorite Woxer?

We both absolutely love Baller because they are the perfect mid-length! Funny enough, we share the same favorite color: blue. We definitely fight over those ones!



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Leann Hodge

- June 06, 2020

I’m Kendall’’s Aunt and just want to say you’re an amazing young lady !! Proud of you for showing your self worth and love. Beautiful inside and out !! Keep on inspiring xxoo…can’t wait to someday meet Hannah.

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