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I AM SPOTLIGHT: Sienna Smith

I AM SPOTLIGHT: Sienna Smith


Sienna is a strong woman. Despite the chronic health issues she continues to struggle with in her life, she never stops turning her goals into reality. Today, Sienna is taking her double bachelor degrees and will pursue her dream to receive a Doctorate in Psychology. She is also planning to open up a child psychology practice that works on a sliding scale to make therapy as accessible as possible.



As someone who’s faced with chronic health issues, in what ways do you inspire people?

I inspire people by working hard towards my goals. Even though I deal with a lot of chronic health issues that put me out of commission for at least a few days out of the month, I work hard to keep myself moving and making progress. I want to prove that even though there are obstacles in my life, they can be overcome and a greater future can come from them. Along with working full time, I'm also working towards double bachelors degrees. My ultimate goal, after years of education, is to receive my doctorate in psychology and open up a child psychology practice that works on a sliding scale to make therapy as accessible as possible. I'd like to be the person that I and so many people I know needed in our lives as children. This is and will continue to be a difficult road to travel, but I am so excited to have the chance to do so.


We all have our shortcomings. What's yours and what do you like to do about it?

I want to improve my ability to stay organized and stay even-keeled in the face of stress. I do tend to have issues with anxiety and I have been seeing a therapist to work on strategies to help me remain in control of my emotions as well as steering my life in a direction where I'm able to eliminate excess stress and create a situation that helps me stay in a a calm and organized headspace.


Sienna wears Woxer Holiday Red in Baller


What empowers you?

I find it empowering to get work done and check things off my to-do list. Having a productive day makes me feel like I can handle anything. Also, I play Dungeons and Dragons and there is no better feeling than figuring out a difficult puzzle!


What inspires you to accomplish things that you want to achieve?

I do what I do because I know that ultimately it will help. Going to school will eventually get me to a place where I can help children. Working (in real estate title insurance) allows me to help people get the coverage that they need during closing. Working to figure out a diagnosis will help me, but it will also help my doctors recognize the symptoms I'm dealing with if they encounter them again.



What was an empowering yet difficult experience in your life that shaped who you are?

2019 was one of the most difficult times of my life. In January I lost my job in title insurance. I was laid off during a slow season and I struggled for a while to find something else in the field. In May of 2018 I had received my associates degree in Early Childhood Education, so after a while I chose to seek out employment in the child care field. I started work in April and fell head over heels in love with what I was doing. It was hard work, for sure. It's the hardest work I've ever done and as my health got worse, it got even harder.

Ultimately I lost that job as well because of poor attendence (due to my failing health) as well as other circumstances beyond my control. I then landed in the hospital for the first time. I had lost two jobs, I was failing my semester because of the stress I was under, and suddenly I was bed-bound in an unfamiliar place. Over the next few months, my world completed it's cycle of crashing down around me. I made choices I regret and became someone I didn't recognize. If that wasn't my rock bottom it was the closest I've been.

In August I left the environment I was in and moved back in with my mother. This was the beginning of my ascent out of the pit I'd been in. Thanks to a professional friend of mine, I found a job back in title insurance. It's a better position for me than I've ever held before. Even though I'm unable to work with children right now, I'm back on track working towards a place where I can again. I've gotten back to a place where I am getting the tests I need to progress towards diagnosis. I'm back in a place where I'm happy and working on myself. I've learned that no matter where you're at, you can turn it around.




Lastly, what is your favorite Woxer?

My favorite Woxers are the Ballers. They're so comfortable and when you're sitting in a hospital gown, it feels like a little more covered than if you're just sitting in traditional women's underwear.



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Kevin Rule

- June 06, 2020

I personally know Sienna and can tell you 2019 was a most challenging year. She persevered trying to maintain her job, school and specialist appointments for her illness. She is determined to make her dream come true! Knowing her and all she has been through has made me realize that I can be stronger too, even at 66 years young! Keep climbing Sienna!


- June 06, 2020

That’s my friend! I’m so proud of you Sienna!

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