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Icon: The Bra That Will Make You Forget You're Wearing a Bra

Icon: The Bra That Will Make You Forget You're Wearing a Bra

Traditional bras, like underwire bras, may be common but for many bodies, they don't offer much in the way of comfort or support for your breasts. A sports bra isn't just the best pick for your morning run but it can also be a better everyday lingerie option than most other bras, bralettes, and corsets. You can even rock a sports bra with your favorite low-cut tops, plunge necklines, or underneath a fancy dress, depending on the cut and style. If you need a quality bra, keep reading to find out more about Icon, which might just make you forget you're wearing a bra at all.

What do you need to know about Icon?

There are a lot of sports bras on the market, but if you're on the lookout for new activewear, you should definitely check out Icon which is one of Woxer's best sellers. Perfect for low-impact workouts and everyday wear, Icon is also free from underwire, fussy straps, or metal clasps that can cause discomfort. It's also made from Tencel modal fabric, which is known for being lightweight and breathable. The fabric also provides moisture-wicking, which will be extremely useful when you're sweating at the gym or wearing your bra under heavy outerwear.


If you want your bra to be comfortable, you'll also need to ensure you know your bra size. Before buying Icon, you'll want to measure the fullest part of your chest, as well as the area just underneath your chest. Then, you can use these measurements to find the right bra size by using the Woxer sizing chart. You'll want the fit to be snug and supportive enough for your cleavage without being too tight.

Another great thing about shopping with us is that you can
purchase a Woxer subscription and save money on a wide variety of styles. All you have to do is choose the fit and style you prefer, then we'll mail you a new pair every month. You can save over 23% off the retail price, and you'll receive free shipping on all US orders. It's easy to skip, swap, or pause your subscription so you can get the products you want when you need them.

Why is finding the right bra such a big deal?

Believe it or not, purchasing a bra that fits can actually affect your health. A lack of breast support can lead to breast pain, which 50 percent of women say they experience. Ill-fitting bras have also been linked to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Poor posture, chafing, and skin damage are all common side effects of wearing the wrong bra for an extended period of time. In some cases, the wrong bra can even cause permanent changes in your body's appearance. If you're concerned about your bra, now is the perfect time to pick up some new ones.


Having appropriate activewear for your physical activities is also essential. Though more research is still needed, there is evidence to suggest that the type of sports bra you wear can impact how well you perform when you work out. Studies identify breast movement as a specific limiting factor, which illustrates why it's necessary to look for the highest quality products that fit as intended. You can ask any personal trainer and they'll tell you that your gear matters and the right sports bra is key.


Investing in your underwear may seem frivolous to some people, but the truth is that your bra can affect your wellness in meaningful ways, and even boost your productivity. Fortunately, Icon will give you the support you need, as well as a stylish look that works at the gym and at home. You won't have to worry about tight straps, clasps that dig into your back, or underwire poking you all day long. The best bras will be durable enough for everyday wear, with a wide range of sizes and colors that can appeal to anyone. When it comes to sports bras, no matter your shape or your cup size, Icon delivers on every front.

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