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Learn All About the Woxer Break Free Collection | Woxer

Learn All About the Woxer Break Free Collection | Woxer

Here's What Inspired the Woxer Break Free Collection

Our brand began with the notion to fill a gap in the market for women's underwear. Boxers for women are a comfortable, hassle-free solution to feeling comfortable within your own skin. And at first, we thought we were solely filling a void in the women's clothing space. But we soon realized that we were supporting people of all genders who were having trouble finding options that made them feel empowered and affirmed.


Today, we're proud to offer women's boxers for anyone and everyone. We understand that underwear is more than just an everyday essential or an article of clothing in a person's closet. It's a tool that allows people to feel comfortable with their bodies. And that's why we are creating styles that are rooted in gender equity. We want to help you bring out your confidence and uniqueness. Our Break Free Collection is a line of women's boxers that are inspired by breaking down barriers. Here's what you should know about it.


The collection features three women's boxer styles in different shades.

The Break Free Collection features the three most popular styles: Baller, Stud, and Biker. Baller underwear is one of the top-selling styles. With the stay-put waistband and five-inch inseam, it's the perfect pair to serve as the foundation for your closet. It's so lightweight and breathable that customers forget they're even wearing it. The Star is the three-inch inseam version while the Biker underwear has a nine-inch inseam.


All of our boxers for women are created from modal. This is a sustainable, moisture-wicking fabric that's shrink-resistant and anti-chafing. You'll get full coverage and reduce the potential of wedgies. Plus, none of our underwear is constricting. It simply hugs your body in a way that's flattering so that you can feel comfortable and confident all day long.


Each color is inspired by a unique value.

There are three solid colors in the Break Free Collection: Unity, Manifest, and Balance. This is because the collection is meant to empower people of all gender identities. That's why each said is named after a unique value that serves as a source of inspiration. We create our products with purpose and positivity in mind. Unity underwear is a light seafoam shade. It represents the power of community and is a reminder of how it takes unity toward a common goal to achieve change.


Manifest underwear is a pastel pink shade that encourages people to make their dreams a reality regardless of how big those dreams may be. But you can't go after what you want without Balance underwear. This pastel orange hue is vibrant yet subdued. It serves as a reminder that you need balance to achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul. And it's important for you to take time to yourself and recharge. Lounge in the soft fabric of your women's boxers or go out on the town. Our boxers for women will keep you moisture-free whether you're wearing dresses, skirts, or joggers.


Breaking free is all about breaking down barriers.

The Break Free Collection is all about empowerment and breaking down barriers. Whether that's barriers in size inclusivity or gender identity, we want to affirm all members of our community. Undies aren't just an article of clothing. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your own identity. With this inspired collection, we want you to remember that you deserve every right to be who you are and that authenticity is your strength.

At Woxer, our women's boxers help you bring out your confidence through undies that are both functional and stylish. From cis women to trans men or anyone who is gender non-conforming, we believe that everyone deserves comfort and style that is rooted in gender equity. Shop the Break Free Collection today.


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