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LGBT Women Say They Are Tired Of Hearing These Things

LGBT Women Say They Are Tired Of Hearing These Things

“Why are you wearing dude’s clothes?” “You just haven’t met the right man.” “You don’t look gay... or bi... or queer.”  

These are just three of the many ugly stereotypes and intrusive questions HuffPost Live’s Alex Berg dissects in this new video, “Things LGBT Women Are Tired Of Hearing.” 

Along with menswear blogger Ariam “Sara” Geffard and human rights advocate Cherno Biko, Berg sheds insight into her personal experiences and offers a refreshing alternative, too.  

“Instead of these questions and statements, you could ask us how to get involved in the fight for adequate health care and housing and other resources that not all LGBT women have,” she says. “Ask how to support us at work and how to make sure we stay safe in the streets — because we still don’t have job protections and guaranteed safety.”

One way to start, of course, is to share this video, because “knowledge is power.”

via The Huffington Post

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