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Top 5 Women's Boxer Briefs for Your Lifestyle | Woxer

Top 5 Women's Boxer Briefs for Your Lifestyle | Woxer

5 Best Boxers for Women That Fit Every Lifestyle

When it comes to buying clothing and building your wardrobe, you'll want to choose pieces that fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you work at a corporate job, then you should probably buy some workwear essentials to ensure that you always have something to wear to the office. Or if you go out a lot, then you'll want to stock your closet with a few versatile dresses. But one clothing article you'll need regardless of your lifestyle is underwear. Keep in mind, underwear tends to come in different styles and fabrics to fit any body type or lifestyle. At Woxer, we offer a line of boxers for women that are breathable, lightweight, and made of soft fabric. We guarantee that there's a boxer fit for every unique individual. Here are some of the top women's boxer briefs for every lifestyle.


1. Baller Wynwood

Our Baller underwear is one of the most popular styles. This black boxer with a black waistband is anything but basic. It's an essential in every person's wardrobe with its shrink-resistant, sustainable, and moisture-wicking modal fabric. It allows for a comfortable fit around the legs but is still short enough to wear under bike shorts, dresses, and jeans. It has a black-on-black style with just a small rainbow Woxer icon straight from the I Am Collection. It's the ideal underwear solution for the minimalist who still wants to show off a bit of personality.

2. Stud Unity

The Stud underwear makes its wearer feel sexy and empowered. Compared to the Baller's five-inch inseam, the Stud is a mere three inches for more leg with zero potential for wedgies. It's made from the signature Woxer modal fabric that's soft, and breathable. The Unity boxer is from the Break Free Collection which is all about breaking barriers and affirming all types of people. The light seafoam color is perfect for the outgoing, colorful, and unique individual who loves to bring a little brightness everywhere they go.

3. Biker Miami Beach

What's in a name? The Biker Miami Beach is a bright yellow-green shade that's loud and proud. It's part of the I Am Collection with its green boxer and waistband combo. The Biker underwear is perfect for workouts. These women's boxers have a nine-inch inseam that flatters and moves with your body. It provides all of the comforts that you crave with athletic wear and it comes in a number of vibrant color combinations. Plus, the fabric is durable and even makes for great soft loungewear for your calmer days.

4. High-Waisted Baller After Dark

If you're done filling your closet with all of the best Woxer basics, perhaps you're interested in styles other than solid colors. The high-waisted version of the Baller boxer provides more coverage for the stomach area without compromising the elastic of the waistband. The black and white brushstroke pattern is chic yet sporty and looks great on its own or under other types of bottoms. That's what makes our boxers for women so great. These undies provide coverage and comfort along your waistline regardless of what you're planning to do for the day.

5. Star Mountain Green

Are you planning on going on a hike? Or maybe your wardrobe is inspired by nature around you? Regardless, the Star boxer in Mountain Green is the perfect pair of underwear for when you're feeling a bit adventurous. This calm shade of green is subtle and makes for a great essential in anyone's closet. The Star is the shortest of our boxer briefs, and it's great for those who like a little more breathing room around their legs.


As you can see, there are plenty of different colors and styles to choose from at Woxer. And you're sure to find one that fits your lifestyle.

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