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What Shape Is My Butt? The 6 Butt Shapes: And How To Embrace It!

What Shape Is My Butt? The 6 Butt Shapes: And How To Embrace It!

Butt, booty, derriere, or whatever you call it, we all have one! Finding what kind of butt you have can help you in many ways, especially in how you can dress to show off your booty. So when you ask, "What shape is my butt?" we can help you find it! There are different types of butts and it's easy to find out what type you have. Let's dive into how to find your butt shape so you can rock it in style!

What butt shape do you have?

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Your butt shape is ultimately determined by the placement of your pelvis and hip bones which means there are many different butt shapes you can have. Below we'll talk about the six main butt shapes and how you can confidently find yours.

Spoon-Shaped Butt

When looking at a spoon-shaped butt, picture an upside-down heart. Also known as a V-shaped butt, it's defined by the curviness of the back leading to the butt, this shape is pleasing to the eye. While it may not be completely symmetrical, it's a beautiful shape and should be embraced!

Heart-Shaped Butt

Having a heart-shaped butt is where the upper halves of the buttock are larger than the bottom halves. Since it's narrower at the bottom near the hip line, this butt shape naturally draws attention upwards. This is the perfect opportunity to wear something high-waisted to show off what you got!

Round-Shaped Butt

When asking yourself, "What shape is my butt?" you might be surprised to find that it could be one of the most envied butt shapes—the round butt. As you can guess, this shape is round all the way around giving the look of a bubble butt. As seen with many different celebrities, this butt shape has become very popular. There are many different exercises you can do to achieve this butt shape by strengthening your butt muscles.

Pear-Shaped Butt

With a pear-shaped figure, your butt will be larger than your waist and hips. Also known as the A-shape butt, this type of butt truly shines in form-fitting outfits that accentuate your curves. Paired with a belt at the waist, you can truly make your butt shine and be the star of the show!

Flat Butt

Flat butts are known for being sleek and small. Thongs can be a super fit for this type of butt and you can give added definition by opting for jeans or shorts with decorated pockets. While many celebs have round butts, just as many are known for their flat butts. The key to each shape is confidence in your own skin!

Square-Shaped Butt

A square-shaped bottom is when the hip bone and outer thigh run perpendicular to the ground. This basically means your butt is equal in size from the waist to the hips. This type of butt is the most common butt shape, especially in younger women.

How To Identify Your Butt Shape

An apple that represents a heart-shaped butt.

If you're wondering, "What shape is my butt?" grab a mirror! It's time to take a look at that beautiful derriere! A square-shaped butt appears more athletic and defined, with straighter hips and a minimal curve. A round butt, on the other hand, has a full and rounded appearance, often resembling a peach. If your buttocks are narrower at the top and widen toward the hips, you likely have a V-shaped butt. Lastly, a heart-shaped butt is characterized by a fuller lower half, resembling an inverted heart shape.


Another method to determine your butt shape is by examining the placement of fat on your buttocks. If you notice that the majority of your fat is stored in the lower part of your butt, creating fullness and roundness, you likely have a lower curve shape. On the contrary, if your buttocks are fuller at the upper region and taper down towards the lower part, then you have an upper curve shape.


Understanding your butt shape can have a significant impact on how you perceive and enhance your silhouette. Embracing your unique figure is key to body positivity, as there is no one "ideal" butt shape. Remember, everybody is beautiful, and identifying your butt shape can simply be a fun exercise in self-discovery and self-acceptance.


How To Embrace Your Butt (Shape)

Loving your butt, especially your shape, is a form of self-love that can bring confidence. The first step toward embracing your butt shape is understanding that there is no right or wrong shape. Each person's behind is influenced by genetics, muscle distribution, and body composition. Whether you have a round, square, heart-shaped, or pear-shaped booty, the key is to appreciate the natural contours of your body. Instead of comparing yourself to others or trying to achieve someone else's ideal shape, focus on enhancing your own assets.


Another important aspect of embracing your butt shape is taking care of your body through a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, specifically targeting the gluteal muscles, can help you define and tone your backside. Squats, lunges, and hip thrusts are effective exercises that can uplift and strengthen your buttocks. Remember, the goal is not to change your shape, but rather to enhance your natural curves. Below you'll find different ways to embrace the butt you have!


1. Underwear Can Flatter Your Shape

Picking the right underwear is a wonderful way to flatter your shape and boost your confidence! For smaller, flat butts look to thongs to give your booty shape. For those with a round butt shape, look for underwear that provides adequate coverage and lift to keep the bottom looking perky and shapely. High-cut bikinis, boyshorts, or cheeky styles can work wonders in providing both support and accentuation. On the other hand, those with a square butt shape may want to focus on creating curves and adding dimension.


2. Your Natural Shape Is Beautiful

Once you've answered the question, "What shape is my butt?" think of your natural shape to embrace it. Embracing your natural shape is the best way to be confident in your own skin. Realizing everybody's body is different and accepting your features for what they are is the best way to love yourself. If you want to use exercises to change your butt shape you can, but true acceptance is the key to confidence in your booty shape.


3. Exercise Your Glutes

While genetics plays a huge role in your booty, there are exercises you can do to guarantee a stronger backside. The right exercises can work for the different muscle groups in your buttocks to give you lift as well as strength. Exercising your glutes is not only good for aesthetics but can also help your health by reducing lower back and knee pain. One of the best exercises you can do for your backside is squats. As one of the most common exercises, squats can easily be incorporated into any workout routine. Another great glute exercise is hip thrusts. This exercise can be done with or without weights, offering a wonderful workout for your butt. If you're looking for a good butt exercise that's the best for a better range of motion while targeting your glutes, try leg kickbacks. Leg kickbacks are a great low-impact exercise that offers numerous benefits.


4. Posture Goes A Long Way

Butt-building exercises are not only good for your booty and back, but can help with your posture. Having a good posture is more than just looking great, but can also boost confidence and make you feel amazing. Different exercises can not only increase your butt strength but can also improve your posture. Lunges are a great option for helping you gain better posture and can give your glutes a workout.


All Butt Shapes Are Beautiful

So, what shape is my butt? A beautiful one! All butt shapes are beautiful! No matter what shape your butt is there are different underwear and clothing types that can enhance your features making you feel confident in your own skin. Whether you have one of the main butt types or a shape that's completely your own—every butt is beautiful!

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