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Why Woxer Loves Modal

Why Woxer Loves Modal

Woxer loves modal because it is the ultimate sustainable fabric. This blog discusses what makes this fabric so special (and the underwear we make with it so comfortable).

Modal is vegan and natural

Modal fabric is made from fibers harvested from beech tree pulp, so that makes it 100% vegan. Beech trees are prolific and self-propagating; there is no need to clear land and implement irrigation systems for beech tree production. Beech trees also require much less water than cotton, which adds to its sustainability factor.

Modal is influencing the fashion world

Some people know modal as “an underwear fabric,” but it’s actually showing up in many different fashion lines such as athletic wear. Since it can be easily blended with many other fabrics, a growing segment of eco-conscious designers are using modal in their lines. It’s even showing up in bedding and pajamas! Because the fashion industry has been known to be highly waste-producing, the growing trend of incorporating modal is very encouraging for long-term sustainability and much better business practices.

Modal is an affordable luxury fabric

Consumers are used to paying a premium for eco-friendly or luxury brands, but modal is different. Since it is easy to source naturally and requires fewer resources to process, the finished material is very affordable. Modal is also softer and more durable than cotton and absolutely beloved by people that find most commercial fabrics irritating on the skin. It is color-fast, doesn’t pill, doesn’t shrink, and resists wrinkling. This is a luxury fabric that, thanks to its small carbon footprint, is affordable to a wide range of consumers. There is no “tax” on it for being an upgraded or a green choice.

Modal is recyclable

Modal is very durable but when its life cycle is over, it won’t be found clogging up landfills like other synthetic fabrics. Modal fibers are compostable and biodegradable.

Why Woxer Chose Modal

Woxer built its brand by never wavering from two core principles: comfort and sustainability. It is our passion to provide affordable, comfortable, accessible underwear that is soft, durable, moisture wicking, and conforms to the unique contours of your body. In doing this, we pledge to never sacrifice sustainability. Woxer demands a low/neutral carbon footprint from procurement of our raw materials to production, to packaging, and shipping. Modal allows us to satisfy both principles and bring you the most comfortable underwear without abusing non-renewable resources.


When you enjoy our popular styles (Baller, Stud, Commando), you get the best of both worlds. You are empowered to live your most comfortable life on your own terms, and you make an investment in sustainable fashion practices – an investment that affects us all now, and future generations.


Woxer loves modal. We always have and we always will. Try Woxer today to fall in love with this sustainable fabric too.


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