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Women’s Boxer Briefs: Everything You Need to Know

Women’s Boxer Briefs: Everything You Need to Know

It isn't easy to shop for undies, especially if you care about finding the right fit. It can be even more difficult if you prefer styles that aren't quite the norm, particularly for women. Fortunately, at Woxer, we make it a priority to develop boxer briefs, and other quality intimates that are inclusive to all body types. You can choose from several different styles, so you have figure-flattering options no matter what size you wear. For many people, boxer briefs are vastly preferable to panties with less coverage and support. If you want to learn more about women's boxer briefs, read on to find out absolutely everything you need to know.

What do you need to know about women's boxer briefs?

Though bikini cut panties have been considered the default for women for years, there is a growing number of people who are interested in alternative styles like boxer briefs. Boxer briefs have gained popularity with fitness enthusiasts, as they can be much better suited to intense workouts than cuts that use less fabric, as they might be more prone to giving you an uncomfortable wedgie at an inopportune moment. Women's boxer briefs can also reduce the appearance of panty lines and provide a better fit for certain body types, so there are a few different reasons to consider giving them a try.


If you need some examples of best-selling briefs for women of all shapes and sizes, we've got you covered here at Woxer. Biker is perfect for anyone who prefers a longer inseam, as they have the longest inseam of any Woxer style, ensuring that they maintain a mid-thigh length. You can wear them to bed, to the gym, or even under your fanciest skirt, dress, or pair of pants the next time you head to a big event. The modal fabric is more lightweight and breathable than cotton, and Woxer comes in 20 different colors, so you can match almost any bra.

High-waisted boxer briefs are another option, if you're looking for a higher rise. High-waisted Baller Black are the perfect solution for anyone looking for cozy full-coverage underwear. High-waisted Baller Black have a higher rise and the same 5" inseam as the baller style. All shapes and sizes will be best suited to high-waisted styles, both in clothing and in underwear. You can always order a few different pairs and see which style of Woxer you feel the best in.

Why is high-quality underwear so important?

Believe it or not, the underwear you wear can have a major impact on the way you feel when you walk out the door. There's plenty of science to support the idea that our mood can affect our choices in clothing, and vice versa. Experts recommend creating a wardrobe that makes you feel happy, and that starts with finding underwear that makes you look and feel like your best self. Combining comfort and style with boxer briefs is a great place to start.


There are also health issues caused by wearing low-quality underwear that doesn't fit properly. You might be surprised by how many of the most common underwear mistakes you're making. One benefit of Woxer is that they offer a good comfortable fit without being skintight. Underwear that's tighter than it should be in the crotch area, and isn't just unflattering but it can also increase your risk of skin chafing and vaginal irritation. Though silk lingerie has the perception of being luxurious, it's actually harmful to the environment. You're better off with fabrics like modal, as silk has poor breathability and tends to trap moisture, which can cause yeast or bacterial infections. It's always best to stay safe and choose underwear that's comfortable and safe to wear.


There's a lot more that goes into finding the perfect pair of underwear than you think, and the underwear we choose can have a significant effect on our overall quality of life. Your health and wellness can even be impacted by what undies you wear, so it's worth investing some time into finding the best fit. Woxer is a great option for anyone who wants a breathable, full-coverage style that reduces visible panty lines. Biker and Baller are just two of the many unique styles you can find when you shop at Woxer.

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