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3 Tips For Buying a Comfortable Bra

3 Tips For Buying a Comfortable Bra

It's understandable if you get frustrated when shopping for bras, many people have a difficult time finding underwear that provides comfort and a great fit. Even figuring out your bra size can be complicated, and it can change depending on what brand you're purchasing from. When you do find a bra that fits, it's a good idea to order it in as many colors and styles as you can, considering how impossible it can be to find styles that work for you. If you're in desperate need of a comfortable bra, keep reading for three useful tips on how to buy one.

1. Look for flexible fabrics.

Understandably, the fabric your bra is made out of plays a significant role in how comfortable it is. One great example of a bra made from comfortable and flexible fabric is "Boss". It's made from Tencel modal, so you can trust that it's moisture-wicking, lightweight, and completely breathable. "Boss" allows you to forgo your uncomfortable underwire bra next time you head out, as it's perfect for both low-impact workouts and everyday wear. And don't worry, you can wash it without fear as Woxer underwear and bras are resistant to shrinkage and fading.

2. Make sure you know your size.

It's a topic that's often discussed but many people aren't aware of their proper bra size. Sports bras can be a little more forgiving, but it's still important to know what size you are if you want to get a bra with a proper fit. Take your measurements and write them down before you go bra shopping. When you're browsing on our website, you can use Woxer's size guide to help you find the best fit. The size guide will show exactly what to measure and how to translate your measurements into your ideal bra size.


Some experts believe improper bra fitting can cause neck and back problems. Breast pain can be caused by underwire or clasps poking out, and bras that are the wrong size can cause chafing or unnecessary friction. You can even develop headaches if your bra doesn't fit properly. One study even indicated that bra discomfort is one of the most significant barriers to exercising for breast cancer patients.

There are a number of warning signs that you're wearing the wrong bra or bra size. When purchasing a sports bra or a traditional bra, make sure the straps, pads, and cup size are all right for you. Keep in mind that you may find that you have different sizes in different bras. It may take some trial and error to comb through the variety of styles available and find a good bra that you can add to your wardrobe.

3. Read customer reviews.

Reading customer reviews is a great way to learn what real people think of a particular lingerie product. When you look at our customer reviews, you'll see that so many people made the "Boss" one of our best sellers because of its perfect score. You also can find out which are the best bras to wear underneath outerwear, which styles are the most durable, and which bras will make you look great in low-cut tops. No matter what style you're interested in, there's likely to be a great bra out there that's perfect for you.


If you're in the market for a comfortable bra, the Woxer "Boss" top is ideal for anyone looking for something that fits well and looks stylish. If you decide to pick up some products from Woxer, our inclusive guide can help you figure out exactly which bra size is right for you. Getting the right size is essential, as you can actually develop health problems as a result of wearing a bra that doesn't fit properly. You can find out more about the experience of wearing specific undergarments by reading reviews from customers, which can offer more detailed insight into a product's fit and durability. No matter which style bra you end up buying, you won't regret putting some thought into your shopping.

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