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How To Choose the Right Underwear for Your Body Type | Woxer

How To Choose the Right Underwear for Your Body Type | Woxer

Choosing the Best Underwear for Your Body

If you want to feel confident in your skin, then you may want to start with choosing the right underwear for your body type. Your underwear serves as the foundation of your wardrobe, and it's important that it makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Whether you're interested in wearing boy shorts, boxer briefs, or boxers, you'll find different types of undies at Woxer that are flattering on your body type.


Women's boxers have gained popularity recently simply because they're designed for leisure, and they help people feel more comfortable in their skin. We founded Woxer to fill a gap in the women's underwear market and soon realized that it was a great way to empower people of all genders who were having trouble finding better options. Because we believe that everyone deserves comfort and style, we created boxers for women in hopes to foster self-confidence in a way that's bold and authentic. Here's how to choose the right undies for your body type.


Pear or Hourglass Body Type

These two body types are usually defined by a smaller waist and wider hips. People with hourglass or pear shape body types usually experience issues with underwear creeping up the back due to a rounded bottom half and fuller hips. It's important for people with pear or hourglass body types to choose underwear with more coverage. If you have thicker thighs, it's best to choose undies with more of a leg opening. this prevents ride-ups or wedgies. The best choice for this body type would be our Star underwear. These boxers for women are one of the most sought-after products in our line. It has a three-inch inseam to reduce the potential of wedgies and it's still discreet enough to wear under short skirts, pants, and other types of clothing.


Apple Body Type

Someone whose body usually has a rounder stomach and a smaller bum typically fall into this category. It's best to choose underwear with a reliable elastic waistband but still isn't too restrictive. Our High-Waisted Baller boxers are long enough to provide good coverage but still short enough to remove bulk and prevent any bunching. People with this body type usually have issues with the waistband rolling down. The Baller has a higher rise on the waist to provide coverage and comfort around the stomach and waistline. It also has a five-inch inseam for a comfortable feel throughout the day.


Rectangle or Athletic Body Type

People with this body type usually have a shorter rise, so it's a lot easier to choose underwear. Specific types of briefs might cause bunching behind. That's why it's important to prioritize choosing the right size. The Baller underwear would be a great option for its comfortable waistband. It's made from modal fabric, which is softer than cotton, moisture-wicking, and fade-resistant. The Biker underwear is also a great option, with its nine-inch inseam that hugs your legs comfortably.


Inverted Triangle Body Type

The inverted triangle body type can usually be defined by a heavier top half with a narrow bottom half. With this shape, it's usually best to stay away from anything that's too high-waisted. This can make the torso look shorter. The Stud has a mid-rise waistband that skims the body, so there are no issues with a rolling waistband or spillage. These women's boxers are resistant to shrinkage, easy to wash, and more breathable than cotton. The three-inch inseam is flattering on the inverted triangle body type.

Woxer's are boxers for women that are made with sustainable fabric. It's moisture-wicking, soft, and resistant to fading. The waistband has superior elasticity and you'll find that the Modal material is breathable, lightweight, and feels like it's barely there. Feel comfortable, confident, and empowered to be your most authentic self with Woxers.

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