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The Diversity of Women Makes Us Stronger

The Diversity of Women Makes Us Stronger

- Written by Lex Horwitz

      At Woxer we celebrate the power and strength of all women year round, honoring your authenticity and individuality. Whatever being a woman means to you, and your connection to womanhood, today on International Women’s Day, we are here to boost our message of love and support for all the fearless women out there–and that of course includes our trans, intersex, and gender diverse sisters, siblings, and community members. The diversity of experience, existence and identities of all women is a strength–at Woxer we cherish all of our trans sisters and siblings, and not only do we honor the spectrum of gender identity, we relish in its absolute beauty. So whether you identify solely with the term woman or with multiple gender identity terms, we are here to uplift and advocate for you–you are valid.   

Connecting with Our Community

      Women are making history and changing the world. From fighting for equality to becoming leaders in your communities and serving as role models and exemplars for all, women are planting seeds for future generations that will grow into a brighter tomorrow--one free from gender bias and stereotypes! Until that becomes our lived reality, women will continue to defy stereotypes and break down barriers, living authentically and confidently as an inspiration for all. Women are a force to be reckoned with, so keep fighting for what’s right and inspiring others. And know that at Woxer we are here cheering you on. Stand in your greatness and empower those around you. You are unstoppable when you are true to yourself. You inspire us everyday–keep doing you.


Break Free campaign, is all about embracing who you are and feeling confident in your own skin. When you are true to yourself, that is always good enough–don’t let anyone tell you or make you think otherwise. You deserve the right to be who you are, and to love yourself for being you. So today and always, let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of all the badass women out there. We want you to be free, establish deep roots in your authenticity, and shine brighter than ever before.  


Join us as we stand up for what is right, and fight for a better future for all women. There are SO many organizations run by and for trans folx, and they need our support. Check out this list below to see how you can support the trans community!

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