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Did Woxer’s April Fool’s Joke Wedge the Company into an Uncomfortable Spot?

Did Woxer’s April Fool’s Joke Wedge the Company into an Uncomfortable Spot?

The Setup

It started out so innocently. Woxer, who is widely known as the go-to brand for comfortable, empowering boxer-brief style underwearcreated just for women, shocked fans when it dropped a teaser on March 31 – a slinky pink thong with “coming soon” splashed across the photo.


The cheeky photo immediately got the desired reaction that Woxer expected, with comments like: “Isn’t this the antithesis of boxers for women? I HATE thongs!” and “No…no thongs no!”


On April 1st Woxer dropped their bombshell. The Coming Soon photo got a flashing color background and the words: The thong you’ve been waiting for! Woxer is taking “comfort” to a whole new level! See the goods yourself!

The Reveal

The “comfort” in quotes should have been a tip off for the many fans that rushed to click the “reveal it now” button. Fans that clicked the promotion via email or Instagram, or headed directly to Woxer’s site, were greeted with this message: "April Fool’s! Woxer stands for comfort and we believe thongs are the epitome of discomfort. Play the video below to see what the funny Whitney Cummings has to say about these “torture devices.” Embedded on the page was a clip of the comedienne’s epic NSFW thong rant.


The Reactions

While some reactions took the joke in stride with comments like, “I sincerely thought this was real and I was terrified,” other reactions completely caught Woxer off guard. A surprising number of fans expressed disappointment that the thongs weren’t really for sale and had clicked with the expectation of filling their carts.


Looks like, as always, thong underwear remain divisive.


Are Thongs Empowering for Women?

The scrappy little fabric goes way back, but its history was not always so scandalous. Thongs debuted in antiquity where men in the hot African, Minoan and Mycenaean climates wore them for comfort and ease of movement.


It was during the 1939 World Fair when thongs became associated with female morality – and it was actually women that created them as a move of empowerment. The Fair had a racy show that featured nude female dancers. Enraged, the mayor of New York ordered the performers to cover up. Knowing that nudity was what was selling their show, the dancers complied – not with bloomers but with thongs. This allowed them to put on a cheeky display while “following” the mayor’s orders.


As women’s fashions changed over the years, hemlines crept up and panties were made with less and less material. In the 60s, sporty women’s underwear became fashionable, including versions that Woxer applauds since these earlier briefs lent themselves to movement and comfort. Then along came the 70s and 80s where the theme in advertising was “sex sells.” Thongs came roaring to the forefront to show off as much of a women’s body as possible, cementing the image of the thong as a tool of female oppression. From there some women continued to embrace the thong while others avoided it at all costs.


In the new millennium, women are finding their voices and roaring louder than ever.  Now, it is no longer about having to put on a thong to be sexy, it’s about wearing one if and when you want to. For some women, thongs are comfortable and help hide panty lines. Other women prefer full, breathable coverage.


Whichever you choose, as long as you are being unapologetically yourself and honoring your body, Woxer applauds you. Be comfortable. Be empowered. Be authentic.


Live Your Best Life in Comfortable Underwear

Right now you can get Woxer’s Baller, Stud, and Commando styles that are always available in singles, packs, and by subscription. Will Woxer start making thongs? You will have to stay tuned to their social media to find out!

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Raven Lopez

- June 06, 2020

As someone who owns both Woxers and thongs, I think it would be great if Woxer were to make thongs that were as comfortable as their original styles. I think that would be be pretty badass.

Madison musich

- June 06, 2020

I find thongs extremely comfortable along with your Woxers. I feel like it would be so cool if you released thongs I’d spend so much money on them! My girlfriend and I would love to match except id have the thong version. Just a thought! Thank you!

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