Biker Black 10-Pack

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Star High Waisted Black 6-Pack

$144.00 $119.52 17% OFF APPLIED

Boss Black 6-Pack

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Boss Black 10-Pack

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Icon Black 6-Pack

$168.00 $139.44 17% OFF APPLIED

Icon Black 10-Pack

$280.00 $201.60 28% OFF APPLIED

Bold Black 6-Pack

$132.00 $109.56 17% OFF APPLIED

Bold Black 10-Pack

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Dreamer Black 3-Pack

$114.00 $101.46 11% OFF APPLIED
Get a great deal on comfortable, stylish women's boxer briefs and sports bras when you shop Packs from Woxer. These exciting promotions offer you a custom women's boxer briefs pack delivered to your door so you can experience the ease and flexibility of better underwear, today.

Get more for less!

Now that you know you love Woxer's boxer briefs, shop our 3-pk, 6-pk, or 10-pk collections to get more for less! Search your previous orders to see what you love and then commit to a minimum quantity or max amount of boxer briefs in your favorite pack. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that you'll love your product and you'll love the price at checkout even more!

Choose your pack colors, style, and sizes.

As you're shopping for your underwear styles, you can select the best look and shape with your Woxer pack. All our boxer briefs come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can mix things up within your pack or keep it simple with all the same look. Go for classic black or creative patterns as you shop for your perfect pack.

You'll also have the opportunity to choose whatever style fits you best. Enjoy longer boxer briefs and boy shorts or shorter options. You'll also be able to pick out our Icon or Boss bra depending on what you prefer. Whatever you chose, you'll be getting great underwear for lounging around, running around town, or getting your workout in.

Lastly, you'll need to pick out your perfect size. We offer boxer briefs that range from size Small to 3XL. Whatever you need, we have the best sellers and new arrivals ready for you to enjoy in the size that will give you full coverage and comfort.


As a woman, you've probably had to deal with some uncomfortable underwear in your day. Between lace thongs, high cuts, or panties that ride up, it can feel like such a pain picking out your undergarments in the morning. Woxer wanted to change all that by creating women's boxer shorts that are more comfortable, breathable, and flexible than previous orders of panties you may have tried. Our exclusive offers come in a few different lengths and allow you to feel confident that your underwear isn't going anywhere throughout the day. With the best fabric and design, you'll be getting better boxers that will keep you comfortable in any situation.

All Woxer products are made of Lenzing Modal, which is a sustainable and breathable fabric. This means all of our best sellers are good for the environment and your body. Made from birchwood trees, this fabric requires less water and energy to produce. Not to mention that modal is more breathable than cotton, polyester, nylon, or lycra. Enjoy a new type of comfort with better fabric for your underwear with Woxer.

Most of our boxer briefs and bras run true to your normal size, so you should feel confident with your order. We also offer a convenient sizing guide to help you find the perfect size for you.

Woxer offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S., so you can enjoy eligible products with no extra costs. We also offer free shipping to Canada for orders over $99 and to the rest of the world for orders over $150.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for your Woxer products, so you can shop our best sellers risk-free. If you don't love them, we offer free returns on previous orders with no exclusions. Enjoy peace of mind that you can try Woxer and return your products if you're not 100% satisfied.

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