Say goodbye to uncomfortable undies, and say hello to the shortie underwear of your dreams. Woxer is THE boyshort underwear that puts other boyshorts for women to shame. Our Bold-style boxer briefs include a silky smooth waistline and breathable material to fit any body type.
**Disclaimer: Our Woxer community values honesty, so here’s the radically honest truth…everywhere you see “women” on this page, it’s because our SEO manager made us do it. Our Woxer mission is to create an inclusive, genderless environment where everyone feels welcome.


Our women’s boyshort underwear is designed to help you finally ditch the thongs and wedgies. When you wear our boyshort style, your undies will have just enough leg to never ride up (goodbye, butt floss), but still be short enough to hide invisibly under your favorite shorts or mini skirt. 

Wear your boyshorts under your favorite dress or skirt for no-show comfort, or to the gym for squat-proof perfection. Our boyshorts underwear is also perfect for lounging around at home or wearing to sleep.   

Yes! We design our boyshorts for girls, for women, and for all humans. If you like to be comfortable, Woxer is your bestie. 

We make all our boyshort womens’ designs from the ultimate sustainable, comfortable material: Lenzing Modal. Lenzing Modal is more breathable than cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra, which makes it a healthier option for women everywhere. Our Modal comes from beechwood trees, so it's better for the environment. By using less water and energy to produce our boy shorts underwear, you can enjoy the durability of our products while feeling good about where they came from.

Styling is easy in our boyshort design. You can wear just about anything, and your shorties won’t show. Because our seams are so smooth, our customers often buy Woxer to wear under tight-fitting garments like Bodycon dresses.

Yes, become a Woxer VIP with our subscriptions program. When you subscribe, you’ll save up to 25% and get a monthly Woxer delivery in the boyshort underwear style/color of your choice. 

*Drum roll please* All our boyshorts for women come with FREE shipping. You pick, we ship. 

We offer a 100% love guarantee with all our boyshort womens’ styles. If you don’t love your boyshorts, return them for free. *Note: We unfortunately do have to charge return postage for international orders.

Boyshort underwear is ideal for just about any activity. Our customers wear Woxer to work, to the gym, for nights in, and for nights out. 

Our boyshorts are so seamless you’ll sometimes forget you’re wearing them. Pair your boyshorts for women with any outfit and rock your day pantyline-free.