A Nurse Driven by Purpose

I am the founder and owner of Purpose People, a brand created to support nurses in discovering their purpose and living in their highest fulfillment. Being a nurse myself, I have seen the bright and dark sides of nursing throughout the last four years of my career. I believe our essential purpose lies in our relationships and our impact; this is why I value my role as a fiancé, family member, and friend so highly and love to create community amongst women.

What moment(s) in your life made you pivot to want to create Purpose People?

  1. A few years into my career, I met a coworker who was working to create a thriving business while progressing in her career as a nurse and maintaining a successful marriage. Our friendship allowed me to acknowledge my own ambitions and get excited about the idea of helping other fellow nurses. As I started speaking out about my nursing experience and trying to connect with other women who could relate, the idea for my brand was born and stuck.

What’s one barrier you’ve faced as a nurse working in the COVID ward and running a business? How did you overcome it?

  1. As the pandemic began to affect the world so drastically, it became apparent that nurses were in need more than ever. It was exciting to see our community form and come together to support each other, but the pressure to show up for other nurses, patients, and myself while trying to process the physical and mental strain of a pandemic was a lot to handle. Learning to exemplify what I was preaching to other nurses was a process that looked like tears, reflection and rest, but this is what allowed my business, career, and personal life to then flourish.

Courtesy of Eva's Instagram

What keeps you motivated and driven on an everyday basis?

  1. I believe that strong relationships and alignment in my purpose are the top two things that will continue to drive my success. When I struggle to get excited about a daily workout, going to work, or the mundane but necessary parts of my business, I ask myself “what would make it more exciting”? Sometimes listening to my favorite music playlist, rewarding myself with something afterward, or working at my favorite coffee shop gives me that extra push of motivation I need. There are other days where the motivation or drive just isn’t there. Knowing I have a greater purpose that impacts other people positively is what carries me into action on those dull days. When the motivation isn’t there, fall back on your purpose!

What advice would you give to others who are at the start of their careers and might be losing hope during these challenging times?

  1. The most challenging times in your life won’t last but will be a massive part of your growth. I always suggest thinking back to a year ago. How have you grown since then? What have you learned? What do you know now that you didn’t then? This perspective always helps me recognize how far I’ve come or how much I’ve grown. If you feel like your work serves your greater purpose, then you are right where you need to be. Don’t let temporary circumstances pull you away from that.

If you had no limits to the work you're doing in your community how far and big would you want it to go?

  • I dreamt of having every nurse owning a piece of our merch and joining our community. Ultimately, I want all nurses to feel supported by our brand and feel like they have a safe place to land. I strive to have a team that runs the brand, and would eventually love to host events, retreats, and be known as the brand that shows up for nurses in the most influential way!

What other amazing things are you doing at the moment that we don’t know about?

  • I’m getting married! This is actually my biggest accomplishment and something I am looking forward to immensely. We so frequently keep our focus on monetary and career advancements that we forget to celebrate the wins in our personal lives that often give us our greatest fulfillment. We had to move our wedding from May 22 to October 2 (thanks COVID!), but we are hoping the wait will make our day even sweeter.

A portion of the proceeds from the Limitless Collection will be donated to Code/Art Miami