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At Woxer, we want to make it known that we do not accept or tolerate racism. We celebrate diversity. The beauty that we are all different. We believe that what defines each one of us comes from within—how we treat others and the impact that we have on one another.

We established our company with kindness, empathy, and respect, and these are values that will remain with us forever. We value working together as a community, and our team of women of color strives to be better people each day.


This is why we cannot stress this enough—BLACK LIVES MATTER. We have failed our Black brothers and sisters, but we will move forward with actionable steps that we need to take as a community to advocate for change. We have been making donations and will continue to help organizations that raise awareness.


We must stand together against discrimination, prejudice, inequality, and injustice that Black lives continue to face to this day. Change is never an easy road, but it's a road that we all have to take to pave the way for a better society.


Join us in making this change.




Black Lives Matter
Black Visions Collective
Orgs fighting for Racial Justice
Community Bail Funds

See more places you can donate to here.



If you are looking for ways to take action and show your solidarity, you can find them here.

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