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HAPPY EARTH DAY from all of us here at Woxer! 

With our partnership with United Way, Woxer is proud to promote green living and sustainability. We're committed towards creating a sustainable future for everyone!

United Way is a non-profit organization that's dedicated to providing quality education and the opportunity to lead healthy and financially secure lives.

Woxer is excited to help make the world a better place by giving 150 Earth day literacy kits for children and we can’t wait.

Check out our collaboration with United Way:

Working with United Way was a tremendous experience, and we are so grateful to have been able to contribute in such a meaningful way. The kids are going to be so excited when they get their new literacy kits.

Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet, and it should be celebrated every day of the year. That's why here at Woxer, we are committed to being a sustainable brand and we will never stop believing in the power of nature. You can enjoy our products knowing that they are sustainable. The best quality products and services for all our customers.

What makes Woxer Sustainable:

Woxer is a company that sources its materials from sustainable Beechwood trees and creates soft, comfortable clothing you can feel good about wearing. We believe in the importance of sustainability and ethicality--it’s just the Woxer way!

Made from Tencel Modal: Tencel Modal is a kind of material fiber made of composted beech wood. The fibers originate from the renewable raw material wood created by photosynthesis and are manufactured in an environmentally-responsible production process.

Emissions Saving: Modal production causes around 80% less greenhouse gas emissions!

Biodegradable: Modal fiber has been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, and marine conditions— that means it can fully revert back to nature!

Modal: The perfect fabric for any occasion:

Modal fabric is a natural material that requires fewer resources to produce than cotton. It's also softer and more durable, which makes it absolutely beloved by those who find most commercial fabrics irritating on the skin! Colorfast, non-pullable, non-shrinking, and wrinkle-resistant, this is a fabric that, thanks to its low carbon footprint, is affordable to a lot of people. It has no additional fee for being environmentally friendly or a green fabric.

Woxer Packaging details/benefits:
Our bags are made from plant materials and non-toxic compostable resin. They biodegrade in a landfill, so you can take them with your food scrap or garden waste for disposing of it at an industrial facility. Just remove any labels first before throwing them away.

How long will it take to compost?
Studies have shown that our bags completely decompose in a commercial composting environment within 90 days, and in a backyard composting environment within 180 days. It also leaves no chemicals or compounds that can cause problems to the environment.
Our product, then, complies with both domestic and commercial certifier standards, such as BPI, Vincotte, and Dincerto. Another plus? As a result, the only residue that our bags leave behind is beneficial to the soil and to plant growth. 

We are not wasteful.

Stop Fast Fashion!

Earth Day is a great opportunity to think about how we can be more sustainable, not only in our lifestyle, but in the clothes we wear. Fast fashion is the rapid manufacturing of low-quality, synthetic fabrics that produce high volumes of clothing in a short amount of time. It is the second largest polluter of our earth. Fast fashion is also known to have poor working conditions and low wages for their employees. It is damaging all around.

Fast fashion brands are easy to spot. They are the ones that follow trends, have extremely low prices and sales, use plastic fabrics (polyester, spandex, viscose), and launch new products every 3-6 days.  What we can do is support local brands that are sustainable in their production and materials. Say no to polluting the environment and start wearing clothes that are eco-friendly!

Why doesn’t Woxer over produce?
Our warehouse would be full of overproduction, and we wouldn’t have any space for new collections. We only produce what we need to avoid wasting unnecessary water, materials, energy, and more waste the earth doesn’t need. This is why our base colors are restocked based on demand.

Why does Woxer release  limited edition collections?
Every month, we release a new collection. Making them limited edition allows us to introduce more colors and designs per year without overproducing. The overproduction of textile is one of the top pollutants on the earth.


Thank you for being part of our global community that is working together to make this world better. Together, we can take small steps and have big impacts!

We all have a part to play in the preservation of our planet. The change starts with YOU.

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