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Ellen Page’s “Gaycation” Came To India And It Was Eye-Opening As Hell

Ellen Page’s “Gaycation” Came To India And It Was Eye-Opening As Hell
Actress Ellen Page, producer and writer Ian Daniel and the team from Gaycation recently visited India and spoke to people from the LGBT community to explore same sex relationships in the country. The show focuses on the Gaycation team going to different countries, and India was the focus of the second season’s second episode.

While here, they met a lot of people including Parmesh Shahani – the author of Gay Bombay. Shahani also explained: “Even though it [the reinstating of Section 377] was very wrong, it kinda galvanised the community to act together, to strategise better, and I think that over the long term it will lay the foundations for a better future.”

Daniel ventured out in Mumbai to check out the night life in India that the members from the LGBT community partake in. And the people he met explained why clubs that have gay nights, or clubs exclusively for members of the LGBT family are important.

They even met LGBT activist Harish Iyer at his home with his parents.

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