Baller High Waisted Black 2.0 Baller High Waisted Black 2.0
Baller High Waisted Black Baller High Waisted Black
Baller High Waisted Euphoric Baller High Waisted Euphoric
Baller High Waisted Cobalt Baller High Waisted Cobalt
Baller High Waisted Marbled Baller High Waisted Marbled
Baller High Waisted Muse Baller High Waisted Muse
Baller High Waisted After Dark Baller High Waisted After Dark
Baller High Waisted Tie Dye Baller High Waisted Tie Dye
Baller High Waisted Heather Grey Baller High Waisted Heather Grey
Baller High Waisted Navy Baller High Waisted Navy
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Say goodbye to uncomfortable undies, and say hello to women's boxer shorts that will be the perfect fit at a mid-thigh length.Woxer's Baller style boxer briefs include a 5" inseam, perfect waistline, and breathable material to fit any body type in the best way.

Woxer thigh briefs are the perfect fit and a better way to do women's underwear. The Baller style is our mid-length underwear size that can be perfect for so many scenarios. Enjoy these boy shorts as Spanx to wear under a skirt, comfortable underwear to lounge around in at home, or a flexible undergarment option to wear with your workout clothes.

The 5" inseam has an efficient function to offer you a seamless, breathable, and comfortable style of underwear. You can even choose from a variety of colors and styles and get the perfect fit using our convenient fit guide. Enjoy these women's long-leg boxer briefs for a fun treat and the most comfortable underwear you'll actually enjoy wearing.


So many women know the feeling of dealing with uncomfortable underwear with no flexibility or breathability. Well, Woxer noticed this issue, and we developed better underwear for day-to-day comfort and everyday wear. This is how women's boxer briefs were born. The comfort and durability of our products offer women everywhere a better experience with their undergarments. Whether you're wearing dresses, overalls, or sweatpants, you'll be getting a breathable fabric and secure waistband that will leave you feeling confident and in control of your look.

Get your personal preference of size and length to manage your shapewear and any panty lines you don't want showing. The Baller Highwaisted style includes thigh-length boxer briefs that will be the best boy shorts for you. Try it out in your first order, and see how these boxer briefs can change the way you think about your underwear.

We understand that you don't want a looser fit when it comes to your boxer brief panties. Check your underwear size with our unique fit guide. Enjoy this shapewear style in sizes that are fairly true to your regular size and your body's measurements. Get the ultimate comfort without any extra room or an unwanted loose fit for your women's boxer briefs. With our underwear size chart, you can rest assured you have the best fit on the market.

For all our top gifts and products, we use the same sustainable, comfortable material: Lenzing Modal. This is more breathable than cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra, which makes it a healthier option for women everywhere. Our Modal comes from beechwood trees, so it's better for the environment. By using less water and energy to produce our extra long boxer briefs for women, you can enjoy the durability of our products while feeling good about where they came from.

Here at Woxer, we offer FREE SHIPPING for all U.S. customers. If you live in Canada, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $99, and for the rest of the world, free shipping offers kick in after $150 spent. You'll also receive a tracking number so you can monitor your domestic standard delivery or report any shipping delays or delivery errors.

We wholeheartedly believe your new arrivals will be your favorites, but if you aren't 100% satisfied, you can return your order free of charge. Simply connect with our customer service department, and we'll take back the items you weren't satisfied with. You can try our regular boxer briefs and originals risk-free until you find something you absolutely love.

Save money on your boxers when you commit to a pack or subscribe to our Baller Highwaisted underwear. Our brand styles are available with next-level savings when you buy in bulk or get regularly scheduled deliveries. You can buy a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 10-pack in various colors, or sign up to get a monthly shipment of boxer briefs with these exclusive offers. Say goodbye to overpaying on prior purchases, and say hello to great deals on your next order of all our new arrivals for boxer shorts.

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