Biker Jade

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Biker Black

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Biker Burgundy

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Biker After Dark

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Biker Pride Force

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Biker Tie Dye

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable undies, and say hello to the anti-chafing underwear of your dreams. Woxer is THE gender inclusive underwear that puts other women’s biker shorts to shame. Our Biker Shorts are extra-long boxer briefs with a silky smooth waistline and breathable material to fit any body type.

**Disclaimer: Our Woxer community values honesty, so here’s the radically honest truth…everywhere you see “women” on this page, it’s because our SEO manager made us do it. Our Woxer mission is to create an inclusive, genderless environment where everyone feels welcome. 


Our women’s boxer briefs’ long leg ensures that your undies stay put (think squat-proof, wedgie-proof, and “wind-blows-up-your-skirt proof”). But most importantly, we make all our women’s biker shorts from the ultimate sustainable, comfortable material: Lenzing Modal. Lenzing Modal is twice as soft as cotton, and it’s breathable and eco-friendly as well!

Yes! Our women’s biker shorts are designed to be worn with just about any outfit. You can rock Woxer underneath a dress, skirt, gym shorts, leggings, or slacks. And, of course, our biker shorts are perfect for lounging around at home like the comfortable b-o-s-s you are. 

We make all our women’s biker shorts from the ultimate sustainable, comfortable material: Lenzing Modal. Lenzing Modal is more breathable than cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra, which makes it a healthier option for women everywhere. Our Modal comes from beechwood trees, so it's better for the environment. By using less water and energy to produce our extra long boxer briefs, you can enjoy the durability of our products while feeling good about where they came from.

Whatever you want (literally). Our Woxer community rocks our women’s biker shorts as underwear, gym-wear, lounge-wear, and even swim-wear. 

Absolutely! If you’re looking for anti-chafing underwear, you’ve come to the right place. Woxer is soft and moisture-wicking to prevent thigh rub all day long. Our Woxer community loves to wear our women’s biker shorts for everything from sporting events to endurance hikes.

In order to function effectively as anti-chafing underwear, our women’s biker shorts should be as form-fitting as possible–but don’t worry about feeling constrained or uncomfortable! Woxer is so soft and stretchy you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Our women’s boxer briefs’ long leg is our best fit for athletes, and also works well as a shapewear alternative (wear your biker shorts under your pants to create a smoothing effect). In our women’s biker shorts, you’ll never have to worry about wedgies, chafing, or repositioning your underwear. 

Our women’s biker shorts are the perfectanti-chafing underwear for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Our absorbent, breathable material will help to keep you comfortable all day long, and you’ll never have to worry about ticks crawling beneath your pantyline.