• Earth Month and COVID-19: Is the World Truly Healing?

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    Earth Day has passed and this year it has special significance. As countries all around the world react to COVID-19 and the devastation it causes, it appears that the world is also quietly healing. Woxer acknowledges the tragedies caused by the loss of life, loss of jobs, and loss of good health experienced by thousands around the world, but we wanted to also pay respect to the positives. So, in honor...

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  • Why Woxer Loves Modal

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    Woxer loves modal because it is the ultimate sustainable fabric. This blog discusses what makes this fabric so special (and the underwear we make with it so comfortable).

    Modal is vegan and natural

    Modal fabric is made from fibers harvested from beech tree pulp, so that makes it 100% vegan. Beech trees are prolific and self-propagating; there is no need to clear land and...

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  • Did Woxer’s April Fool’s Joke Wedge the Company into an Uncomfortable Spot?

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    The Setup

    It started out so innocently. Woxer, who is widely known as the go-to brand for comfortable, empowering boxer-brief style underwearcreated just for women, shocked fans when it dropped a teaser on March 31 – a slinky pink thong with “coming soon” splashed across the photo.


    The cheeky photo immediately got the desired reaction that Woxer expected, with comments like:...

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  • I AM SPOTLIGHT: Kendall Vedder and Hannah Thompson

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    Kendall and Hannah are big inspirations to the LGBT community. They are a lesbian couple who use Instagram as an outlet to express themselves and empower women. Through their stories and experiences as a couple, they strive to make a difference by supporting other women and give voice to the truth that women...

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  • I AM SPOTLIGHT: Brittney Griner

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    Brittney is a professional basketball player in the WNBA, currently playing for the Phoenix Mercury. She uses her talent and admirable passion for basketball to inspire young black girls and represent them in the media.

    As a black lesbian woman, Brittney continues breaking down barriers and showing the world what she’s capable of.


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